We provide high quality GUI-based AI softwares for professional, industry, and enterprise usages.

The main objective of our AI softwares is to digitize and automate manual operations.

Applicable: applications with massive manual operations, including industry 4.0 smart factory, medical & healthcare, consumer electronics, and more

We have 3 main products categories to make manual operation easier, faster, and with better quality.

Memorence Suite: visual quality inspection, for raw material inspection, products in process inspection, final product inspection.

DataEagle: data analysis

XMemor: visual generation

And M-Lens for data acquisition.


Industry-wise AI models

Single AI model is typically not fit for all industries and applications. For example, some applications require high speed rate while some are not. 

We develop AI models for different industries. So  different industries users can update the AI model optimally (to delive the best performance).

Continuous learning / instant learning

One-time built AI model cannot work optimally for applications for years since the data may changes dramatically or slightly. 

We develop continuous learning and instant learning mechinisms. 

Our AI software can update the model with the new data to keep the model performance optimal all the time.

Easy-to-use / no-code / GUI

To make AI more friendly, our AI softwares are designed with graphical user interface (GUI).

Flexible deplopyment

Different applications typically require different deployment mode. 

Our AI softwares have different deployment methods to meet each industries' needs.

Integration ready

Our system has lots of APIs for integration with customers' existed system, such as ERP, MES, PACS.

Core Technology

Deep Learning

Our team members are experienced on developing AI model architecture and algorithms.

Computer vision & Generative model

We develop industry-wise classification, detection, segmentation, super-resolution, and generative models for enterprises' needs.

Sensor &
edge device

Team has many year experience in image sensor design, architecture and control for edge devices.

Scalable SW + HW architecture

To deliver high-quality and real-time AI computing