Memorence AI

We treasure and guard life and memories

A One-stop GUI-based DATA+AI Solution for
enterprises, domain experts, professionals, and everyone in the end

With Continuously Learnable AI System
and With Brain-inspired Neocortex Architecture
To Digitize & Automate Manual Operations


Memorence AI is an artificial intelligence company. Our vision is to make AI a daily productivity tool for those who have no AI backgrounds, including enterprises, domain experts, professionals and everyone in the end.

Our product, the Memorence Suite, including data acquisition tools and AI model learning software, enables enterprises and domain experts to digitize and automate manual operations, to improve operational efficiency and quality, to make precise business decisions, and in the end to enhance end-customer satisfaction.

Product & Service

A GUI-based visual deep learning system for professional domain usages, including industry 4.0 smart factory, medical & healthcare, and consumer applications.

Integration Ready

Our system has lots of APIs for integration with customers' existed system, such as ERP, MES, PACS.


"憶象AI系統和專業團隊能在比預期短的時間內,協助我們用AI驗證並確認製程改善的效益,對於憶象的AI專業度及執行力,我們非常滿意並願意推薦。" 台灣康寧政府事務暨公關副總經理李紹康 / Shaokang Lee, Director of Government Affairs and Communications Corning Display Technologies Taiwan

Annotation Tools Supports Various Sensor/Data Formats

Our system supports various data format such as normal RGB data and medical DICOM data.

Nature Image


Manufacturing Image


Medical Image


Deployable Platforms

Memorene AI system can be deployed on various platforms for customers' need.

Public Cloud /
On-Premise Cloud

Local server

Edge / Embedded device



Memorence AI delivers 4 values to customers.


  • Transform real-world things to digital for better management

Increase Quality

  • AI-powered inspection

  • Automation to reduce cost

Enforce Traceability

  • Control all flows easily

Uncover Insights

  • Automatically data-driven analysis

Applicable Areas

Electronics / Semiconductor Manufacturing




Food Quality



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manual inspection cost

On average, our AI reduces over 90% human inspection time

inspection quality

In one case , our AI reduces human false-detection rate from 4% to less than 0.1%.

internal & external cost

On average, internal process waste and external customer return rate are reduced with the aid of our AI.

Core Technology

Deep Learning

We have accumulative 15-year experience on developing AI technologies and algorithms.

Computer Vision

Our system delivers optimal visual classification, detection, segmentation and super-resolution for customers' needs.


We design a user-friendly
human-machine-interface (HMI) for users.

Sensor & Edge Computing

Team has many year experience in image sensor design, architecture and control for edge devices.

ISP / Image Processing

Team is familiar with image and signal processing (ISP) with sensor/embedded system, separately or jointly

Scalable SW+HW Computing

To deliver high-quality and real-time AI computing

Papers Published By Memorence AI

International Conference

  • Yu-Sheng Chou, Pai-Heng Hsiao, Shou-De Lin, Hong-Yuan Mark Liao: How Sampling Rate Affects Cross-Domain Transfer Learning for Video Description. ICASSP 2018: 2651-2655

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Memorence AI (憶象) is an artificial intelligence company. We develop smart visual learning and recognition systems for enterprise and consumer solutions.

Our mission is to create smart faster local learning and recognition systems that can improve production quality and operation efficiency. By creating such system, we aim to guard life happiness and memories.

We develop labeling and learning software. We also provide customization design for different requirements.

Customers include smart factory, healthcare, and more.

Memorence AI (憶象) 是人工智慧公司,我們為企業客戶提供智能視覺學習與辨識系統。




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Memory is the most wonderful and amazing in the world. We aim to help you transfer part of memory from your brain memory to our product. And you apply the product , your memory, to anywhere and any applications.

We are a startup team. We move quickly and target deeply. Our team members are skilled in deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, image processing, and medical imaging. Our team members are also experienced at both scientific research and engineering. We work closely with customers from factories, hospitals, experts, and doctors.

We are seeking strong team members. No matter where you are, if you are interested and want to participate an amazing journey, drop us an email:



  • 2021/12/15 : Won Merit prize from APICTA 2020/2021 (Malaysia) in category "Industrial – Manufacturing + Supply Chains/ Logistics."

  • 2021/June : Selected startup in Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge 2021

  • 2021/3/23 : AI50 startup, selected by Smart City and Expo Exhibition, Taiwan


  • 2020/07/27 : "How a Machine Vision startup is Alleviating Quality Inspection Pressures" is on official press [link]

  • 2020/06/19 : Hackidb x Nvidia Metropolis Competition 2nd Prize (經濟部工業局智慧城市新創競賽第二名) [link]

  • 2020/05/14 : Selected to enter Qualcomm Techstars Mentorship support program (高通Techstars業師輔導計畫) [link]

  • 2020/04/30 : Selected to enter startup accelerating program from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (經濟部中小企業處加速新創市場驗證專案輔導計畫) [link]

  • 2020/04/15 : Selected to be Digitimes smart factory company (入選為Digitimes(電子時報)「智慧工廠月」精選團隊)

  • 2020/03/27 : selected to enter Singapore industry 4.0 cohort [link]

  • 2020/01/15 : participated TAIRA demo day. [link]

  • 2020/01/07 : exhibited in TTA Taiwan Tech Pavilion at CES2020 and reported by media. [e27]


  • 2019/11/11 : passed the CES 2020 qualification and get the ticket to exhibit in TTA Taiwan Tech Pavilion. [link]

  • 2019/08/23 : shortlisted of AWS Cloud Challenge 2019. [link]

  • 2019/08/16 : selected to enter TAIRA program 2019 Summer batch. [link]

  • 2019/07/11 : invited by Advantech to exhibit and share smart factory AI successful story in Kaohsiung. [link]

  • 2019/07/09 : invited to participate and exhibit at 2019 International Partner Day. [link]

  • 2019/07/09 : selected to enter NTUTEC accelerator program 2019 Summer batch. [link]

  • 2019/02/26 : presents solution for smart factory in NVIDIA Inception meeting. [link]


  • 2018/12/19 : invited to participate AI and Business Matching in Southern Taiwan Science Park. [link]

  • 2018/05/30 : selected to be one of the six startups among 12 startups and participates NVIDIA GTC Taiwan Startup pitch competition.

  • 2018/May : invited to join NVIDIA Inception program.

  • 2018/March : invited to present AI introduction by UMC Capital.


Hackidb x Nvidia Metropolis Competition 2nd Prize

2020/06/10 Singapore demoday presentation


Invited by Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau to present AI solution at Mizuho bank press conference.


Memorence AI exhibited in TTA Taiwan Tech Pavilion at CES2020.


Memorence AI exhibited in Taiwan Tech Pavilion at CES2020.


Taiwan TV reports Silicon Valley pitch at 500 startup


Pitch @ Taiwan AI Robotics Accelerator (TAIRA) 2019 - Final Matching Startups


Share smart factory successful story in Kaohsiung


Share smart factory successful story in Kaohsiung


International Partner Day


Memorence AI signed LOI with Advantech


Memorence AI presents solution for smart factory in NVIDIA Inception meeting

2018 /May

NVIDIA GTC Taiwan Startup Pitch Contest Final Round


Coming soon


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