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We treasure and guard life and memories


  • 2020/01/15: Memorence AI participated TAIRA demo day. [link]
  • 2020/01/07: Memorence AI exhibited in TTA Taiwan Tech Pavilion at CES2020 and reported by media. [e27] [link]
  • 2019/11/11: Memorence AI passed the CES 2020 qualification and get the ticket to exhibit in TTA Taiwan Tech Pavilion. [link]
  • 2019/08/23: Memorence AI is shortlisted of AWS Cloud Challenge 2019. [link]
  • 2019/08/16: Memorence AI is selected to TAIRA program 2019 Summer batch. [link]
  • 2019/07/11: Memorence AI is invited by Advantech to exhibit and share smart factory AI successful story in Kaohsiung. [link]
  • 2019/07/09: Memorence AI is invited to participate and exhibit at 2019 International Partner Day. [link]
  • 2019/07/09: Memorence AI is selected to NTUTEC accelerator program 2019 Summer batch. [link]
  • 2019/02/26: Memorence AI presents solution for smart factory in NVIDIA Inception meeting. [link]
  • 2018/12/19: Memorence AI is invited to participate AI and Business Matching in Southern Taiwan Science Park. [link]
  • 2018/05/30: Memorence AI is selected to be one of the six startups among 12 startups and participates NVIDIA GTC Taiwan Startup pitch competition.
  • 2018/May: Memorence AI is invited to join NVIDIA Inception program.
  • 2018/March: Memorence AI is invited to present AI introduction by UMC Capital.


Memorence AI (憶象) is an artificial intelligence company. We develop smart visual learning and recognition systems for enterprise and consumer solutions.

Our mission is to create smart faster local learning and recognition systems that can improve production quality and operation efficiency. By creating such system, we aim to guard life happiness and memories.

We develop labeling and learning software. We also provide customization design for different requirements.

Customers include smart factory, healthcare, and more.

Memorence AI (憶象) 是人工智慧公司,我們為企業客戶提供智能視覺學習與辨識系統。




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Memory is the most wonderful and amazing in the world. We aim to help you transfer part of memory from your brain to our product. And you apply the product , your memory, to anywhere and any applications.

We are a startup team. We move quickly and target deeply. Our team members are skilled in deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, image processing, and medical imaging. Our team members are also experienced at both scientific research and engineering. We work closely with customers from factories, hospitals, experts, and doctors.

We are seeking strong team members. No matter where you are, if you are interested and want to participate an amazing journey, drop us an email:

Technology Expertise

Sensor & Edge devices

Team has many year experience in image sensor design, architecture and control for edge devices.


Team is familiar with image and signal processing (ISP) with sensor/embedded system, separately or jointly


Team members previously worked on deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, nature language processing fields and have strong academic papers records.

Product & Service

A GUI-based visual deep learning software for professional domain experts, including industry 4.0 smart factory, medical & healthcare, and consumer users.

We work with domain experts to upgrade production quality and decrease cost.

Label tool


Feature: Auto-labeling, cross-platform

Learning & Inference

Technology: deep learning, machine learning, computer vision

Feature: multi-class inspection, continuous and incremental learning

Verified Scenario: Benefits for Smart Factory

Selected Customer Story

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International Conference

  • Yu-Sheng Chou, Pai-Heng Hsiao, Shou-De Lin, Hong-Yuan Mark Liao: How Sampling Rate Affects Cross-Domain Transfer Learning for Video Description. ICASSP 2018: 2651-2655


  • 2018 NVIDIA GTC Taiwan Startup Pitch Contest Final Round
  • 2019/02/26: Memorence AI presents solution for smart factory in NVIDIA Inception meeting
  • 2019/March: Memorence AI signed LOI with Advantech
  • 2019/07/08 International Partner Day
  • 2019/07/11 Share smart factory successful story in Kaohsiung
  • 2019/08/15 Pitch @ Taiwan AI Robotics Accelerator (TAIRA) 2019 - Final Matching Startups


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